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english How To Make The Translation Process Less Labour Intensive
PCs are obvious and indispensable tools in the modern translation business.
The computerisation of our business has enabled us to become far more productive and to produce more polished texts which, thanks to the immense body of "googleable" reference material, are probably also more sector-authentic than our output of, say, fifteen years ago ...
(Publication date: 2006)

english Aspects of Scientific Translation: English into Arabic Translation as a Case Study
It is unquestionable that English-Arabic scientific translation is increasingly becoming a topic of much concern and importance today. Oil on the Arab side and technology on the Western side contribute to this importance. This paper highlights the problems that are likely to be encountered in English-Arabic scientific translation and tries to establish certain possible factors which may finally lead to a theory of this sort of translation. ...

english Freelance Translator: The Most Democratic Profession?
I’m old enough to remember life without the Internet and e-mail.I actually began my writing and translation career typing on manual typewriters, literally cutting and pasting to rearrange sentences and paragraphs. And I had to physically deliver - in the form of paper, faxes or even teletype messages and telegrams - my work output, actually visiting the offices of my clients and correspondents, in many cases! ...

english Seven Secrets of good translations
Translation is not only a mechanical work. It requires skills and artistic approach. It's not enough to know all the rules, there are additional secrets of success, which can make your translation better. These several tips will help to improve the quality of your translation and make the process simpler. ...

english The Impact of Translation Memory Tools on the Translation Profession
Translators are no longer restricted to hardcopy dictionaries and glossaries; they can now use online and electronic resources.
In this article I will explore both advantages and disadvantages of TM for these parties. I will also explain the change TM brought about in the translator's working methods. ...

english Translators' Attitude to Badly Written Texts: Freedom and Limitations
It stands to reason that translators should be responsible for and faithful to source texts.
Sometimes they face badly written texts containing grammatical mistakes such as wrong choice words, misspelled words and the like. In such situations, the translator should ...
(Publication date: 2006)

angielski How to prepare yourself for the challenges as a freelance translator
Some simple questions - but suddenly not so simple when it comes to answering. What exactly is your vision? What services do you want to offer as a freelancer?
Do you want to offer just translation or just interpreting or both? And if any of these apply, than what language combination, what field i.e. technical, legal, marketing, financial, and medical? ...
(Publication date: 2005)

angielski Translator Prerequisites and the A-Z of becoming a Translator
If you are serious about becoming a translator, you must be able to fulfil the following criteria, at the very least.
Your standard of education must be very high; with very few exceptions, a degree is essential, though not necessarily in languages - it is a positive advantage to have qualifications or experience in another subject. Postgraduate training in translation is useful. ...
(Publication date: 2005)

angielski Translating for recipe books and menus
Translating recipes and menus appears to be a simple task at first sight, but that is only one's first impression.
A menu looks like a simple food-list, and cookery books might be considered as a list of recipes with sets of ingredients and simple instructions. How misleading! We have been translating cookery books and menus for many years and we still find this task a challenge. ...
(Publication date: 06.2004)

angielski Translation memory from O to R
The idea of translation memory is basically very simple. It's to stop you scratching your head and losing time while you do it. That's the reason for the enigmatic title of this review.
No longer will you bring digits to cranium in the hope of stimulating your grey cells to provide an answer to the question: "Oh, how did I translate that last time round?" Instead, your translation memory program will instantly remind you, prompting the satisfied exclamation: "Ah, so that's how I put it last time round!" ...
(Publication date: 1999)

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